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Running is great; it's a terrific form of exercise and an excellent way to escape from the daily stresses of life.  And nothing's better than running along a trail, away from traffic, noise, congestion, and concrete.

This site is dedicated to those that want to hit the trails, Runnersperhaps take on a hill(s), or maybe just enjoy the scenery which is so surprisingly abundant here in the OC.

Wherever you are in Orange County ... you are only minutes away from a trail.  So get out, find a trail, break away from the monotony of the course you're running, take in some scenery, and give your joints a break by running on a soft gravel surface.  The trails we've listed range from relatively flat to air-gasping hills making you wonder why you ever thought you were in good shape.
Best Flat & Easy Trails (* primarily asphalt trails)
Trail Name Park/Trail Distance
Mason Loop* Mason Regional Park 2.0 miles
Outer Lake Loop* Laguna Niguel Regional 2.2 miles
Asphalt Loop* Irvine Regional 3.0 miles
Fitness Course w/Lake Loop* Mile Square Regional 3.1 miles
Sulphur Creek Park Loop Laguna Niguel Regional 4.3 miles
Bommer Meadow Bommer Meadow  
Aliso Creek/Wood Canyon to Mathis Aliso/Wood Canyon 5.0 miles
Newport Back Bay Loop* Newport Back Bay 10.5 miles

Best Trail Runs w/Moderate Hills
Trail Name Park/Trail Distance
Mule Deer Oak Canyon Loop Riley Wilderness 2.1 miles
James Dilley Greenbelt Preserve Laguna Wilderness 2.6 miles
Borrego Canyon Trail Whiting Ranch 3.0 miles
Riley Loop Riley Wilderness 3.4 miles
Horseshoe Loop Trail Irvine Regional Park 3.4 miles
Ridge Route - Start at Top of the World Aliso/Wood Canyon 4.4 miles
Lake View and East Ridge View Loop Peters Canyon 5.8 miles
Wood Canyon - Start at Canyonview Park Aliso/Wood Canyon 7.0 miles
North or South Ridge Routes Chino Hills State Park 9-11 Miles

Best Trail Runs w/Strenuous Hills
Trail Name Park/Trail Distance
Aliso Creek/Meadows/Ridge Route/Mathis Aliso/Wood Canyon 9.2 miles
Campground Loop Chino Hills State Park 9.2 miles
Crystal Cove State Park - Almost Everything  Crystal Cove  3-10 miles

Trail Distinctions (Easy, Moderate & Strenuous)
The Easy trails are almost completely flat and may include some asphaltRunners along with gravel trails.  The Moderate trails may have long stretches of flat with occasional hills.  The hills may be even be steep but won't be long.  The Strenuous trails will include many hills which may be both long and steep.

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