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Directions to Park
The park entrance is located on University Drive in Irvine.

By expanding the Trail map on the right you can easily ascertain the best way depending on your location.

The parking fee is $3 during the week and $5 on weekends. 

Park Hours
7:00 am to 6:00 pm in the winter
7:00 am to 9:00 pm in the summer

Dogs are allowed in the park.

Their are numerous restrooms and countless water fountains located within the park.  See the OC Parks map for specifics.

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Mason Regional Park

Mason Regional Park is a small regional park located in Irvine.  Within the main body of the park there is a beautiful 9 acre lake, multiple playgrounds,Lake numerous picnic shelters and a variety of athletic fields.  To the east of the main body of the park, crossing Culver Drive, is an accompanying wilderness area which is accessible from the Sand Canyon Wash Bike Trail.

From a mountain biking perspective this park doesn't have anything to offer.  All the trails, within the main body of the park, are concrete and flat.  Runners and walkers will find the park attractive for a few reasons: peaceful/scenic setting, intermittent shade, adequate course length (2 miles), and a billion water fountains.

The following map is provided by OC Parks:
Click here to download map.

I've noted one trail which is suitable for running and walking within the main body of the park. 

Trail Info...
Trail Name Distance Elevation Gain Difficulty
Mason Loop 2.0 miles N/A (flat) Easy

Trails and Map

Mason Loop (2.0 miles)
-- This very easy course simply runs along the outer-most concrete paths within the park; the course is completely flat.  Parking anywhere within Mason Regional Parkthe park will give you easy access to the course.  The park has an excellent network of connecting paths (I'm reluctant to call them trails since they are all concrete) so you can shorten the run/walk to fit your liking.  There is a fitness/par course along the path which allows you to add some exercise to to your run/walk if you like.  Runners and walkers will appreciate the intermittent shade and the surprising number of water fountains along the paths; a real bonus on hot days.

For a pictorial presentation of this park click here.
For those of us that are reluctant to run on concrete, this is not the park for you.  In addition, the course outlined above, has a lot of sharp turns Runnerwhich also places added stress on the knees.  On the other hand, the sufficiently large size of the park and the lake make make for a very peaceful experience.  The ability to tailor a course to you mileage requirements is also an added plus and minimizes the boredom of repeating the same loop over and over.  The number of water fountains and occasional shade are also added bonuses.

This is no place to mountain bike...

If you're looking for a casual stroll in the park or a healthy power-walk, this park is worth a visit.  The scenery and interconnecting paths along with shade and water fountains make this park worth the visit.

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